Materials + Care

Waxed Canvas

Waxed canvas is simply a woven cotton canvas with a thin wax coating on both sides. This coating makes the fabric weather resistant and develops a great patina over time. Waxed canvas was originally created for outdoor and military use, so you know it's made to last. You can rewax your canvas over time, but we prefer to let ours wear in naturally. 

Leather Blend

The leathery material used for all Rachel Elise straps, tassels, and assorted hardware is a composite of natural and manmade materials and contains a small amount of real leather. 100% of the leather content is recycled and is kept out of the wastestream by its inclusion in this fabric. So while it is not a vegan product, the manufacturer prides itself on the ecofriendliness of this material. Plus, it was originally designed to upholster furniture, so it is also highly durable.

Hand-Printed Canvas

In addition to sewing each Rachel Elise bag, we also design and screenprint many of our fabrics. All our hand-printed canvases start with a basic drawing. Rachel then paints that drawing onto a mesh screen. When we push ink over that screen, ta da! A print! It's magic!

Hand-Stitched Kantha Cotton

Our Kantha fabric is two layers of vintage sari cotton, hand-stitched by the artisans of the Basha community. Basha works with women in at-risk situations to give them and their families financial stability through their craft. In addition to supporting this community by the purchase of their fabric, we also donate $1.00 back to Basha for each Kantha Collection bag sold.

Bag Care

While waxed canvas is a fabulous material, it is not machine washable or dry cleanable. For this reason, we recommend spot treating for any stains. Our favorite spot cleaner is Resolve Carpet Cleaner. You can also Scotch Guard your bag for added stain resistance.

Though we strive to make our bags indestructible, sometimes they have a hard life. We offer free lifetime repairs for repairable items.